Sunday, March 22, 2020

1d12 Fantastical Fruits!

How about I try something for once? Here are 12 unusual fruits that I made up for my world(s). Apologies ahead of time for all the puns, and I hope you'll enjoy reading this!

  1. Catapple. An apple with two growths on top that resemble cat ears. These ears are one of the reasons why the catapples make for really good projectiles. If you're a bad performer, expect some rotten catapples being thrown at you besides rotten tomatoes. Being thrown catapples at is referred as "being catappled", from which the word catapult comes.
  2. Goblin bean. Green beans with a strong bad smell. Only the most avantgarde gourmets would ever use them in meals, some of them managing to make them taste good. However, no gourmet can save you from the smell that comes after the beans, which is way worse than the smell of raw goblin beans.
  3. Dragonberry. This strange berry resembles raspberry, with three to five big berries, usually in colors of chromatic dragons., each one different. They all have spikes on them, so make sure to break those off before eating the berries.
  4. Fairberry. They look like regular blueberries, but taste much sweeter. However, those who eat these berries are reduced to Tiny size for 1 minute, which explains their name.
  5. Githberry. These yellow raspberries grant the one who eats them temporary psychic powers. After eating them, they can cast one cantrip of DM's choice once. However, after finishing a long rest this use is wasted, and one can't have more than one cantrip ready like this.
  6. Grandmelon. The watermelons grown by the giants themselves. These huge melons are bigger than a pig, and curiously enough - sweeter on the edges, as opposed to regular watermelons that are sweet in the middle. From this comes a saying about activities that get less fun the longer they go, which are "like eating a grandmelon". Due to their size and the taste distribution, they are eaten from the outside in.
  7. Kenkunut. A black coconut that produces a raven shriek when cracked in a right way. Tastes like a regular coconut, but it's got a licorice aftertaste to it.
  8. Honeyfruit. This fruit resembles an orange that's a little more yellow than its namesake, and is filled with juice that tastes and feels just like honey.
  9. Pineana. Deadly pineapple that needs to be killed before being eaten. Pineanas are the most dangerous fruit around that will try to devour you first. It tastes like a mixture between pineapple and banana.
  10. Melon-lemon. A melon-sized sour lemon. What else is there to say.
  11. Blood pear. A pear that's bloody red on the inside. Interesting fact is that it has the taste and nutrients of regular blood, making it perfect for vegan vampires.
  12. Starberry. This metal-looking strawberry with dots organized in a regular grid taste like ozone and have a metallic smell. After it fully grows, it never rots.
Sorry for being inactive for such a long time, my real life kept me busy. I'll try to write here more often. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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