Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Faceless, my variant of changelings

Howdy, everyone!

This has been one busy summer. I started to work on several homebrews and several articles, but I didn't have time nor energy to finish any of them, up until now.

Behold, the faceless!

Carnival by Julia Zhuravleva
Pictured here: Not an Eberron changeling.

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Faceless are my reimagining of Eberron's changelings. The key difference between the faceless and changelings is that changelings are half-dopplegangers, while faceless are a planetouched race, influenced by the Far Realms. In other words, they are to Far Realms what Tieflings are to lower planes of existence. I renamed them into faceless only recently due to WotC making Eberron into a proper official setting in 5e, so expect me to every now and then call my faceless changelings.

I also carefully constructed several racial feats for the faceless. My design philosophy while making this race and its feats was to give race's main ability lots of limitations, which could be avoided through feats. You can transform only into humanoids, except for when you achieve beastly, plant-like or object shapes with feats. You can't turn into something that doesn't have two legs and two arms, except for when you get the Beastly Forms feat.

In the future, I plan to write up a whole mini setting populated with faceless, a city called Masq. I already have some of the things written down, since I planned to do the whole project all at once, but it'll take me some time to finish. There will be stat blocks, magic items, and more things if I manage to make more things up.

Some other projects of mine include: rework of my old cosmology model, for which the article is nearly finished; designing hard magic system for D&D; possibly reworking one of the minimalistic RPG systems I've seen into something I could use when I'm too lazy to introduce people to 5e fully; wriitng up Worldwar minigame rules article here; and generator of the entire world's history I guess.

Yep, it's a lot. I don't know when and how will I finish all these things, but I guess I should do it one by one.

Thank you for your patience, sorry for the summer break, and have I want to wish you a nice day!

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